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Traditional Chinese Stationeries Discovery at Huangshan

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Join TA and enter Huizhou to lift the veil on the secrets of icons of the Chinese culture-learn the traditional manufacturing skills that underlie the famous writing brushes, ink sticks, calligraphy paper and inkstones of Huizhou!

Here is your opportunity to feel the creative pulse that runs through these cultural icons, learn how they're traditionally crafted, then get hands on and make the "Four treasures of the study!"

Have you heard that all the brushes here are tribute gifts?  Aren't there passages in the legends that say inks from here are made from medicinal materials? Apparently, the paper made here keeps for hundreds of years… and someone said the Inkstones here are so finely crafted that people make them into collections.
Is it all true? This National Holiday let TA bring you out to discover it all!



Together with a great master craftsperson, experience the traditional Chinese techniques of brush, ink, paper and inkstone craft. Trace back over the shifting river of Huizhou cultural history. Start a journey through the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Huizhou.
Get off the beaten track and find the magic of Huizhou.  Enjoy the simple elegance of Huizhou Ancient City and white-walls, black-awned aesthetic of Tangmo Village. Appreciate the characteristic stone and wooden sculpture, and carved decorative tiles of the Hui school of architecture.
Get a healthy dose of travel and sightseeing goodness, and sample sumptuous authentic Huizhou cuisine while you're at it!
Transportation fee

Itinerary and Arrangements

Day 1

7:30  Departure from Shanghai (Gather at the specified address and take bus out to the destination)

8:00-13:00 Arrive and check in to accommodation (arrival may be delayed due to holiday period traffic conditions).

13:00-14:30 After checking in, let the guide show you out to a local establishment to enjoy the characteristic local cuisine for lunch. After lunch take a short break and organize.

14:30-16:30 The Huizhou brush, ink, paper and inkstone craft experience begins, first stop: the Huizhou Cultural Museum. This is the only museum in all of China with a collection to offer a of 360° view on Huizhou culture. Discover She (pronounced 'Sheh') Inkstones, Hui inks, Xin'an calligraphy and paintings and Huizhou literary documents inside. Included in the collection is the oldest Chinese inkstick in existence-an item dating back almost a thousand years to the Song Dynasty. Other rare treasures on display will keep your mind and eyes engaged as you piece together a clear understanding of Huizhou culture.

16:30 While the day is still young, we will move out to the famous Yellow Mountain Commercial Street and the snack-lover's go to street-Tunxi Old Street. Stroll, snack, browse little stores, and snack some more. If you venture deep enough, you'll discover the atmosphere makes an interesting shift as you enter an area of renewed old residential dwellings and merchant's stores.

The variety of snacks on Tunxi is endless-enjoy taro cakes, Huimo Crisps, shallow-fried 'Hairy' Tofu, steamed vermicelli rolls, 'Five Cities' smoked bean curd and more… but the signature snack of the region is the Yellow Mountain clay oven roll~  Salty,  aromatic, flaky and crisp, sink your teeth in and you'll be hooked!

Day 2

7:30 Meet up then head out to the Ancient City of Huizhou. 

We will be on the road for about an hour, during which time your guide will help you pass the time by explaining a bit about the developmental history of the She Inkstone, getting you in the game and giving you some useful cultural knowledge to enrich the experience to come.

8:30-10:00 Arrive at Lihui Inkstone Carving Museum and meet with your Intangible Heritage instructor, who will guide you to experience and understand She Inkstone Carving (If you want to take an Inkstone home with you, consult with the instructor. Prices will vary as the value of each stone goes up and down with its quality.)

10:00-12:30 Being in She County, we can't pass up the chance to go take a look around the Ancient City-a 2000-year old historic Hui settlement. Positioned within the Ancient City are the 1400+ year-old Nanjiaolou City Gate and 400-year-old Xu Kingdom Stone Memorial Archway. This is also the home of the best-preserved old-era heritage street in She County, known as Doushan Street. Explore, discover and sightsee, picking up roast meat bamboo shoots, Huizhou hairy tofu, Hui Yuanzi balls and other munchable local delicacies for a taste along the way. If you're brave, this is also the time to try Soy-braised Mandarin Fish. It may be stinky, but the Emperor tried it and loved it!

From Huizhou Ancient City we go to the Xuan paper workshop, roughly twenty minutes by road. Everyone can rest up before the afternoon Intangible Heritage experience.

13:00-17:30 In the rustic antiquated village of Tangmo,  experience the charm and intrigue of Hui paper craft with a heritage craftsperson. Get hands on and craft your own sheet of Xuan paper (takes just over an hour). Afterwards we relax and slip back into observation mode. On the nearby brook, take to the water and drift downstream to see the flagstone streets and ancient Hui architecture of the town-zero effort required.

17:30-18:15 The return ride from Tangmo to Huangshan takes roughly 45 minutes. Sit back and relax and think back on the days' experience. After arriving downtown, we head to a restaurant for a bite of authentic Huizhou cuisine before hitting the hotel to recharge for tomorrow.


Day 3

8:00-9:30 Stroll into Hukai Wenmo Manor to see the traditional processes involved in ink making, experience handcraft liquid gold drawing, and get an all-round feel for the charm of the Hui inkcrafting tradition.

9:30-11:00 Tunxi happens to also be home to a small,  inconspicuous brush maker's workshop. The owners are the only known remaining descendants of an aristocratic brush crafting family, whose ancestors made brushes for tribute to the emperor. Here on Tunxi Street, learn the craft skills for Hui brush making with a grand master and grasp the age-old art of calligraphy brush craft.

Following the experience, the guide will take everyone for a meal at a nearby restaurant, which will conclude the itinerary for this tour. We will then board transport bound for Hangzhou.

(Note: Itinerary arrangements may be subject to adjustment on account of circumstances relating to National Day holiday period travel conditions.)

Trip Fees& Discount



-      Adult: RMB2,750/PAX, Single Room Supplement RMB900/room/night
-      Child (2-12 years old): RMB2,550 
Children under 2 years old are free
Children over 12 years old are charged the same price as adults


Departure from Shanghai (Gather at the specified location and take bus to the destination)


Activity Date: 

15th-17th November, 2019


【 Meeting Place 】 


Near Zhongshan Park


【 What' s Included 】


1. Full Bilingual Guide Accompaniment
2. Five meals (Two days' breakfast and lunch, one dinner)
3. Full itinerary travel coach transportation
4. Two nights stay in 4-star CBD hotel accommodation
5. Four-program Writing brushes, Ink sticks, Calligraphy paper and Inkstone Intangible Culture experience
6. Ancient City of Huizhou and Tangmo Village scenic attractions admission fees
7. Huizhou Cultural Museum museum guide fee
8. Insurance


Important information  

- The event will be canceled if less than 15 people are registered.

- This activity is open to both Chinese and foreign attendees. Sign-up will be completed after successful payment. In the event that the tour does not meet minimum attendee requirements, all payments will be refunded as received.

- Price is the same for children.

- In the event that you are unable to attend the activity after successful payment and sign-up, fees will be deducted and refunds given in accordance with the following standards:

 - Refund Policy:

Five days prior to departure: deduct 50% of the total original sign-up cost;

Refunds will be paid to the original paying account. Please contact thMart customer service to confirm the cancellation. 

- Customer Service WeChat: urbanatomy00

- Email:


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