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Armazém Theatre Company: Hamlet【E-Ticket】

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The story of Hamlet is the story of the destruction of an established order. The destruction of a time when collective (and unconscious) consent to manipulation is everywhere and around everyone. Hamlet (the character) is the agent provocateur of the destruction of this order. And Shakespeare, for those who do not know, is a brilliant new-found playwright, with some urgent things to say about the war, about the madness of the world, and about our modern political leaders.


The world in Hamlet is a representation. Everyone has their roles previously determined. And Hamlet (the character) is part of this world, although he does not accept the role reserved for him. Isolated, it pursues the truth and tries to be truer than it probably can be. Along the way, seeking to know himself fully and also to know fully the people around him, Hamlet is fragmented. When you choose to act, you choose madness as a character. But our time is chaos and a short circuit happens.

The Mousetrap is the piece that Hamlet (the character) decides to present to unmask the murderer of his father. And that moment - when Hamlet forms a sort of garage band, underground performance, to try to expose the rough truth expose the truth - is the apex of Hamlet's pretended madness. From there, the madness of Hamlet becomes the madness of the world and vice versa.

That is, in the madness of the world at the turn of the century (a time of social dissensions and insensitivity, of an absurd readiness to abuse power), Hamlet no longer pretends madness, gains the stature of a nonhero, and becomes a character involved in a political game much bigger than him. Pressed against the wall, he absorbs the madness of his time and becomes a destructive, tormented, lethal subject. A Hamlet full of sound and fury.

The Elsinore of our time (the place of this story) is a real danger. There, the spheres of the public and the private are confused, they are indistinguishable. Everyone spies on everyone. Does anyone feel safe there? Anyone there? And Shakespeare, our genial and chaotic playwright, distills his anger, his despair, his desire for beauty, and yearns for a new world. Is the rest quiet?

1862 Theatre

No.1777 Binjiang Avenue Pudong Shanghai

19:30 9/21/2019


Please get your ticket on site with your order information as well as the 6-digit verification code (you will receive an email with the code after the successful payment.

- No Cancellation

- Receive Tickets via Express Delivery

- Show Lasts 140 mins (with 10 min intermission)

- Portuguese Language

- Children Under 1m Not Permitted

- All Attendees Require a Ticket



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