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9.14 JZ Festival Afterparty - Charlier/Sourisse Paris Jazz Band + Tom Ibarra @ JZ Club【E-Ticket】

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Charlier/Sourisse Paris Jazz Band

Founded in 1991, the Paris Jazz Band is one of the most original and prestigious bands in contemporary jazz in France. They performed more than 1,300 shows around the world during 28 years. All the band members have learned classical music, and their performance is more "vulgar" than classical music and more "elegant" than popular music. It is this characteristic of "intermediate" that combines elegance with vulgarity , so that they can easily win the favor of the vast audience including classical music fans and pop music fans. They break the limitations of traditional improvisation and play a variety of jazz styles at will, attracting a wide range of tastes in different audiences. They can be seen at jazz clubs and pop festivals.


Tom Ibarra

Tom is a young composer and guitarist with Jazz Funk Fusion influences and rock pop instrumentals who was noticed at a very young age for his ability to create rich and dynamic compositions, as well as virtuosity and intricate hidden melodic lines. Through these meetings, internationally renowned artists have invited him to share the stage, such as Didier Lockwood (which he will integrate the school) and Sylvain Luc in 2015, Marcus Miller in 2016 or Richard Bona in a showcase at NAMM 2017 Los Angeles. In 2018 he shared the stage again with Marcus Miller and his band at  in Ukraine and also at JazzOpen in Stuttgart.


December 2017 winner of the prestigious English LetterOne Rising Stars Jazz Award, he is scheduled for the 2018 season on remarkable stages such as Stuttgart, Konsberg, Umbria, Nice, Lviv, Cheltenham and San Sebastian. Regularly rewarded for his participation in the Jazz springboards Sacem Prize in 2013 and 2014 at the Jazz Musette Festival of the Puces de Saint-Ouen, Jazz au Phare, Special Judges Prize in 2015 Young Talent Award 2016, Action Jazz in Bordeaux, Springboard of “Rives et Notes” in Oloron-Sainte-Marie in July 2017.

Jam Session Hosted By Zhu Mang Trio

As a professional jazz piano and keyboard artist, Zhu Mang has a wealth of performance experience. He lives in Shanghai and he is frequently active in the creation and performance of various musical styles. His talent has been recognized and praised by many jazz masters, and has the opportunity to share the stage with many famous international artists, such as the Swedish jazz trombone and singer Nils Landgren、the young American jazz Alto saxophonist Alex Han.


In 2017, Zhu Mang went to the Netherlands to study for a master's degree in jazz at the Prince Claus Conservatoire , which gave him a deeper understanding of jazz improvisation and creation, and be praised by Don Braden, Joris Teepe, Gene Jackson, Freddie Bryant, JD. Walter and other famous jazz masters. During this time, he also went to New York as a short-term visiting scholar for a half-year jazz study, with the opportunity to be guided by famous jazz pianists such as Kevin Hays, John Escreet, and Taylor Eigsti. In June 2019, he received a master's degree in jazz music from the Prince Claus Conservatoire in the Netherlands.



DATE:2019.9.14 SAT






09:30PM  Charlier/Sourisse Paris Jazz Band

11:30PM  Tom Ibarra

01:15AM  Jam Session Hosted By Zhu Mang Trio



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