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Billy Drummond & Stefan Karlsson Quartet ft. 李晓川 at JZ Club【E-Ticket】

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Billy Drummond



A bandleader, educator, composer and highly appreciated jazz musician. The representative person of contemporary jazz and Hard-Swinging Bop.


Billy Drummond was born in the June 1956 in Newport Virginia. At the age of 4, he began to play drums, his father was also a drummer. Billy’s love for jazz was started from his father’s record collection, which included Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones and many classic records of legendary artists.


At the age of 8, Billy began to perform with the band and started drum teaching at the age of 14(in the teaching institution of Billy’s teacher), then he went to the Shenandoah conservatory to study classical percussion. In 1986, with the encouragement of Al Foster, Billy moved to New York, where he was facing a key ? of his life, joining the young ‘Out of the Blue’(OTB), he and the OTB recorded the last CD of the band for the Blue Note Records(the jazz label of Blue Note).


After the dissolution of OTB, Billy joined the quintet of the pianist Horace Silver and had a long tour with them. At the same time, Billy also began a long-term cooperation with Buster Williams and Bobby Hutcherson. After that, Billy joined the band of J.J. Johnson. Then Billy joined Sonny Rollins and toured with him for 3 years.


Billy Drummond’s play features are thrilling, powerful, and extremely musical. Stanley Crouch praised him for ‘having the same highly refined wisdom of music as Max Roach’, which made him began one of the most popular drummers of that age.


Billy Drummond has recorded over 300 pieces of all kind of jazz CD, and released 3 CDs as the leader of the band: 《Native Colours》, 《The Gift》, 《Dubai》. Showing his blending of past and future, this distinctive personal style is a loyal tribute to the previous jazz masters, but also with strong forward-looking thinking. These 3 CDs fully presented Drummond’s ability to solo and the control of keep time.


«Dubai» is the third CD released by Billy, and it was rated the first jazz album of the year in the ’New York Times’jazz album ranking list selected by jazz critic Peter Watrus in 1996.


Beyond that, the Trio formed by Billy and Javon Jackson, a legendary bass player, jazz living fossil Ron Carter occupied most of the seats in the list of ‘Top ten’jazz bands in the United States for several years.


Stefan Karlsson



Honorary President of Zhuhai Golden Jazz

Swedish national jazz pianist

Grammy-nominated musician

UNT&UTA Jazz Piano Professor


From 2002 to 2014, Stefan taught as a full-time jazz piano professor at University of North Texas’s Jazz Music Department and held a post of piano research director, doctoral tutor. Now, he teaches jazz piano at the University of Texas at Arlington.


As a national famous jazz musician, Stefan’s playing footprints were spread all over the world, he had performed in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the United States, and many other countries.


As a composer, Stefan is currently a contract composer for Hollywood ‘Bug Music’. His music played an important role in the film  ‘Candy Mountain’published in 1994(in collaboration with Wesley Snipes), ’Twenty Dollars’(in collaboration with Christopher Loyd), and the 1997 independent film ’The Lost Man’. In the late 1990s, Stefan’s music could always be heard in ‘Melrose Place’and ‘Party of Five’and many other  TV series.


His original works were also included in the ‘European Fake Book’and the ‘Colorado Cook Book’.Relied on solid music theory and outstanding piano improvisation skill, Stefan joined the trio of Eddie Gomez, the iconic musician of jazz history and the Grammy Award winner, and always toured in Asian, Europe, and the United States.


Eddie Gomez once highly praised him——‘when I played with Stefan, I often felt Bill Evans came alive’



Drums:Billy Drummond

Piano:Stefan Karlsson


Bass:Danny Zanker

DATE:2019.8.21&22 WED&THU 





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