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Art Canton Contemporary Art Fair 【E-Ticket】

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No.117, Liuhua Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

艺术广东展览日期:2019年12月6日-9日(周五 至 周一)
开幕时间:2019年12月6日 15:00
贵宾预展:2019年12月6日 10:00-20:00
公众观展:2019年12月6日-8日  10:00~18:00
          2019年12月9日  10:00~17:00
Exhibition Date: 6-9, December, 2019 (Friday to Monday)
Opening: 6, December 15:00
VIP Preview:  6, December 10:00-20:00
Public Exhibition: 6-8, December 10:00-18:00
9, December 10:00-17:00

2017年, 第八届艺术广东高举当代艺术大旗,开启了华南地区当代艺术的首航之旅。这场当代艺术博览会为中国华南地区打造了一个开放、包容的当代艺术品观赏和交易平台,树立了当代艺术品市场的新坐标,得到了各界普遍认同。


In 2017, the 8th Art Canton set sail, opening the first voyage of contemporary art in South China. This contemporary art fair has created an open and inclusive art viewing and trading platform for southern China, leading the art market and gaining general recognition from all walks of life.

As the top most contemporary art fair in South China, Art Canton will usher in its first decade in 2019. The 10th Art Canton will continue to bring the audience a feast of contemporary art based on the concept of " basing itself on the local and facing the international".

2018艺术广东的举办显现出中国文化正在以独特方式向全球渗透。展览的图录上刊登了总策展人武少宁的一篇文章《动能与艺术广东》,其中写到了武少宁的独特见解:艺术广东致力于将人们对当代艺术的审美发展为一种积极的精神力量。武少宁认为,当代艺术可以为广东艺术的蓬勃发展做出贡献,并有助于培养中国人在21世纪所需的思维与情感。艺术广东· 当代艺术博览会是人才的聚集地,他们共同创造了满足当代人类所需的文化养分,展览的创始人鲁晓昆了解这个市场,她知道艺术家正在探索实际的或未来可行的道路,而所有年龄段的艺术爱好者实际上是在通过这些当代艺术来回应艺术家的想法和感受。

Art Canton 2018 shows that Chinese culture is growing in unique and globally momentous ways. Curator Wu Shaoning describes his strategy in his catalogue essay, “Kinetic Energy in Art Canton”:  The aim of this commercial platform is to accelerate appreciation of contemporary art as a positive spiritual power. The curatorial premise is that contemporary art can contribute to the vibrant scene of Guangdong arts and help cultivate ideas and feelings needed to sustain twenty-first century society inside China and out. The Canton Contemporary Art Fair is a community of talents who co-create the culture needed to meet contemporary human needs.  The founders understand markets, artists explore actual or foreseeable paths of life, and art lovers of all ages who actually live the contemporary reply to the ideas and feelings that artists send and communicate.



The Art Canton Contemporary Art Fair is now an incubator for cultural creativity in the Guangdong region.  It shows that contemporary art is consistent with the interest is authenticity that powers the domestic art market in China.  Following Wu Shaoning’s metaphor, we can think of Art Canton as an economic investment with risks, just as it is risky to launch expensive vehicles into outer space.  The long term commitment to launching communications satellites is justified by the foreseeable benefits.  Similarly, support needed to build an ecosystem of art – curators, artists, critics, audience, investors – is worth the labor, because each step strengthens Guangdong as a center for the development and globalization of the aesthetics of unity with nature and the vitality of life that circulates within Chinese culture and philosophy today. Guangdong gives traction to ideas and feelings that can spark a global advance.




Set ticket:VIP ticket: 100RMB ( Pass of Art Canton and Ink Canton, unlimited uses)
Re-entry RMB 70(Pass of Art Canton and Ink Canton, unlimited uses)
One day pass:50(can be only used for one time)
Favorable Price:35(can be only used for one time)

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