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Ink Canton Art Fair 【E-Ticket】

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No.117, Liuhua Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

水墨广东展览日期:2019年12月12日-15日(周四 至 周日)

开幕时间:2019年12月12日 15:00

贵宾预展:2019年12月12日 10:00-20:00

公众观展:2019年12月12日-14日  10:00~18:00


Exhibition Date: 12-15, December, 2019 (Thursday to Sunday)

Opening: 12, December 15:00

VIP Preview:  12, December 10:00-20:00

Public Exhibition: 12-15, December 10:00-18:00

15, December 10:00-17:00






The Ink Canton ·Art Fair will be held at the New Fa Center in Guangzhou from December 12 to 15. Part of Art Canton · Contemporary Art Fair, The Ink Canton ·Art Fair is tailored to demonstrate traditional Chinese culture by displaying exquisite Chinese paintings.

The Ink Canton art fair will display unique ink and wash works by Chinese artists from all over the country, providing choices for art buyers, said Lu Xiaokun, founder of Art Canton.

Wu Shaoning, chief curator of Art Canton and renowned art critic, says that the exposition is a professional space for exchanges between amateurs, artists and collectors of Chinese painting, providing new opportunities for the transformation of ancient Chinese paintings in the modern era. 

Li Qing, a famous young critic who is also spokesman and curator of the Ink Canton art fair, said that the art fair will be joined by many artists and art institutions nationwide to focus on both academic research and business promotion.



The fair has so far invited masters in the field of Chinese painting, including renowned artists like Liu Shufeng, Liang Jianhua and female artist Liu Xin, to present artworks with distinct traditional characteristics. The exposition will also include senior artists as supervisors of the fair, to offer guidance on the innovation and inheritance of Chinese ink art.

According to executive curator of Ink Canton art fair, Tracy Leung, the organizing committee has organized a special trip to visit artists throughout the country, with the aim of searching for more quality Chinese paintings for the upcoming fair.



Set ticket:VIP ticket: 100RMB ( Pass of Art Canton and Ink Canton, unlimited uses) 

re-entry RMB 70(Pass of Art Canton and Ink Canton, unlimited uses)
One day pass:50(can be only used for one time)
Favorable Price:35(can be only used for one time)

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