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Lane 471, zhapu road, hongkou district, Shanghai, near wujin road

Saturday, August 10
Opening hours: Open at 6 pm
Activity time: 9:00 pm The event officially begins
Duration: 2 hours (including rest)

Native South American & Gansu Sangemao Tribal soul music concert.


A prayer of the heart.

A dance of the soul.

A healing of the body.

No matter where you come from, no matter your name.

Here, we are one



Band members :

  1. Bone Lhamo Kyap grew up in Gansu, he was raised by his grandmum. His grandmother's homeland is in the Zhuoni Nalang county, south of Gansu. Where the Sangemao tribe have lived for generations. Each river, each rock is
  2. the deepest the deepest kindness in his life.

Bone began his professional music career in Shanghai in 2010. Since then he has performed in many popular live music venues as well as music festivals.


In June of 2015, he collaborated with Shanghai based art collective  THE POLYMORPH EXTRA The conceptual album will be released worldwide on the immersive UK record label imrsv records in 2018. THE POLYMORPH EXTRA Phoenix song features Lhamo Kyap’s voice and Gansu dialect lyrics. (More info : imrsv records)


In October 2015 he performed in the Shanghai WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL.


Since December 2016 Bone has been a popular musician at the Jumeriah Himalaya Hotel, performing weekly for the Jumeriah's high end clientele. 


He has also performed abroad in London, Spain as well as Brooklyn, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


 In 2016 Bone Lhamo Kyap worked with Grammy recognized producer Michael Starita to record and produce his new singles Mother Earth is Crying and This Pitiful Life at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, USA. His film and soundtrack “When Mother Earth Cries” is due to be released in 2019.


Since 2016, Bone's performances have been increasingly popular at Yoga studios and Yoga events. He has collaborated with studios and yoga brands such as Lululemon in Shanghai and the US. 


In 2018, Bone and his wife Laura collaborated with Norden Travel to offer Yoga with Live Music Retreats in the Amdo Region, Tibetan Plateau of Gansu province. 


In 2019, Bone launched his "When Mother Earth Cries" Album Campaign in San Francisco, California, USA, collaborating with the top yoga studios and yoga professionals in the SF Bay Area to share his unique voice and culture and bring his healing music to more and more people.. 


Since the campaign launch, Bone has recorded his latest track "Grandma's Memory" again with Grammy recognized producer Michael Starita. He continues to perform his "music medicine" live for exclusive private concerts accross the Califonia, San Francisco Bay Area. 


2.Ricardo Meza , from Peru, Lima.


Musician over 30 years playing andean music .

-Mindfulness Coach | 正念导师

-Reiki Practioner | 灵气习练者

-Stress Management Therapist | 压力管理疗愈

-Bio-magnetism Therapist | 生物磁力疗愈

-Energy and Sound Healer | 能量和声响治疗

-MBSR ( Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction ) Program Coach | 正念项目导师

-Pampamisayoc of the Andean Inca tradition of Perú | 传统印加习练者


3.John Lee, native american ground drum artist from Gansu Longxi. 


The calling of mother mountain is the faith in his life.


That sound has been teaching him how to grow. 


2014 He played for Shanghai world music festival.


2017 He and Bone Lhamo Kyap founded Sreina band.


2017 The same year they joined Shanalaya Festival


2018 Sreina band played for the French Fete de la Musique Festival in Shanghai. 


2018 They have since made many popular concerts in Shanghai. 


2019 He is still on his life's journey

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