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Round 3 Summer Party with Matzka & Mr. Woohoo at JZ Club

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Bass:Fred 雷

Drums:Yan 炎

Guitar:Sun Wennan 孙闻楠

Keyboard:Yan Peng 颜鹏


About Matzka Masca:

Matzka was born in Taitung, Taiwan. Reggae singer, also a music creator and producer.

In 2010, the MATZKA Orchestra was formed and served as the lead singer. In 2015, he released his own new album. In 2019, the band Mr. WooHoo was formed.

He is good at Reggae and combines Rock, Pop, Jazz, Rap, R&B, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hip-hop and other music creations. He uses humorous lyrics to describe the little things around him, conveying the optimism and cheerfulness of the Taiwanese aboriginal culture. He turned the musical feelings of the blood and the beauty of the land into his own Reggae, letting people hear his music and feel the happiness from the heart.

About Yan:

Yan is from Mauritius and has lived in Shanghai for 14 years. In 1995, he began his musical career and traveled to many countries to get inspiration of music. In 2005, he settled in Shanghai and started his career as a professional drummer. He experts at high quality and varied performances.

About Fred:

Fred is from Mauritius and has lived in Shanghai for 13 years. Expert at electronic bass, the innate rhythm is exposed at his fingertips. At the age of 14, he began to perform on stage, initially as a singer, and later focused on bass. He is major in Jazz, Latin music, psychedelic world music and the SEGA music style of the nation.

About Sun:

Sun Wennan is from Harbin, Heilongjiang. He has participated in the recording of many music TV programs such as "Celebrity Coach", "My Style", "Important Show", "I Love Remembering Lyrics", "China Dream Show", "Day Day Up". He also has opportunities to perform alongside well-known musicians such as Xue Zhiqian, Sandy Lam, G.E.M, Joey Yung, Christine Fan, Shila, Huo Zun and Xu Weizhou.

About Yan Peng:

Yan Peng is from Dalian, Qingdao. At the age of 12, he studied piano and at the age of 23 he officially began his acting career as a musician. He joined the Puxi Lions Band in 2012; joined the 188 band in 2012 and joined the Blue Grass Band in 2013. In 2019 he formed the Mr. WooHoo band with his friends and participated in the "Summer of Bands" session one recording. During his career, he participated in many music festivals such as the Jazz Festival, the Beijing Midi Music Festival, and the World Music Festival. He experts at Funk, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Blue grass and many other musical styles.

JZ Club, 158 Julu Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai

2019.8.15 THU





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