Your Kids Will Love These Fun NERF Toys

School will soon be out for summer. If you’re stuck for ideas to entertain the kids during the long summer break, than it’s definitely worth checking out some of the excellent NERF products available right now on thMart. And they're on sale too!


Plus, from now until the end of June, shoppers can get up to RMB588 worth of thMart Grand Opening Gift Coupons. That includes RMB6 off all childrens toys. 


N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster

RMB239 | (was RMB299, now 20% off)

Fight with your friends with this elite blaster! With a detachable gunstock and barrel, your kids will have four different guns to play with this summer. This product comes included with 12 darts.


N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster

RMB319 | (was RMB399, now 20% off)

This electrically powered toy gun is perfect for any budding marksman! With 18 transparent chargers and an extensive gunstock, this product also has a pulling design, making it convenient to carry.


N-Strike Elite Longshot Smash Blaster

RMB159 | (was RMB199, now 20% off)

This handsomely styled product is suitable for multiple types of indoor play for your kids over the summer. Cultivate your child’s innovative creativity with this combination of toy car and blaster all in one. 

N-Strike Elite Quadrant Blaster

RMB79 | (was RMB99, now 20% off)

Help your child enjoy their summer break with this fun-sized toy gun. This wheel blaster comes with four darts and has a shooting distance of up to 15 meters. At only RMB79, this one is a real steal!


Formed back in 1969, NERF is a brand that has always focused on safe, recreational fun. Using its unique non-expanding recreational foam means that NERF has always been able to retail toy guns that are both fun to use, accurate, yet hassle free to use and family-friendly.

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