Enjoy the Summer with These Refreshing Korean Soda Drinks

Summer is here, the sun is shining, and the temperature is sweltering. What better way to relax than by enjoying a refreshing flavored soda drink? Well, the new Brother#Soda range from Bohae will certainly quench your thirst. Head over to thMart right now to browse a variety of different flavors at great prices.

Here are a few of yummy Bohae sodas you can order right now on thMart...


Bohae Brother#Soda Yogurt Flavor


Bohae’s Brother#Soda Yogurt Flavor is a light, bubbly and refreshing drink that is perfect for summer when served chilled. Buy three 750ml bottles for just RMB69, or six bottles for RMB124. 

Bohae Brother#Soda Green Apple Flavor


Bohae’s Brother#Soda Green Apple flavor is made with Korean green apple juice and is the must-have ingredient for those long, summer parties. 

It can be a delightful refreshment either on its own or mixed and is available at thMart for just RMB69 for three 750ml bottles, or RMB124 for six. 

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