Try This Designer Men's Underwear for Looks and Comfort

You deserve better underwear. Let the style experts at Inner Saint help.


Drawing inspiration from French luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent, Inner Saint offers a range of men's underwear that adheres to the concepts of excellent design, emphasizing a simple, comfortable and exquisite lifestyle. 


And you can order their products right now via thMart.

Inner Saint 'Mature Man' Underwear Gift Box


Inner Saint's 'Mature Man' range typifies all of their designs, with a fitted waistline, cut and sewn with breathable material. The underwear is made with a rigorous composition of modal (88 percent) and spandex (12 percent). Available sizes are small, medium and large, and each order comes packaged in a sleek gift box. 

Inner Saint 'Young Man' Underwear Gift Box


Inner Saint’s Young Man range has a slightly different fabric composition of 90 percent modal and 10 percent spandex, with the signature “Inner Saint” branding embossed on the waist. Hand wash only. 

Inner Saint 'Sports Man' Underwear Gift Box


Inner Saint’s 'Sports Man' series is perfectly apt for fast and intense activity, with the 86 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex mix not hindering your mobility. It's just RMB358 for three packs.

Inner Saint Long Sports Pants Gift Box


This set is cut and sewn in a slightly longer dimension than the regular 'Sports Man' underwear packs. It's fully breathable and ideal for gym activity. 

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