Make Lattes Like a Pro with This Non-Dairy Oat Milk

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to milk? Look no further than Oatly Oat Drink. Made from Swedish oats, it is packed with healthy ingredients such as protein, carbohydrates, fibers and calcium, as well as being low in added sugar content. And it's on sale for seven percent off on thMart right now!

Oatly Oat Drink Barista Edition is a versatile oat-based alternative to milk that can be used to make the perfect homemade milk-free latte. Whether you are a keen amateur barista – or just want to make a mean homemade latte – the drink foams perfectly, enabling you to hone your latte art skills in the comfort of your own home. 

Being based on liquid oats, the drink isn’t too sweet or excessively heavy, making it the perfect healthy alternative to milk. For all the non-baristas out there, it also tastes just as great straight from the carton, and can even be used as the perfect complement to your morning granola. 


Save RMB20 when you order a package of six cartons on thMart right now.

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