Tackle Your Next Toilet Emergency with These Handy Tissue Packs

Imagine this: you've just come back from eating a bad batch of seafood for lunch, and you feel your stomach begin to rumble. After rushing to the nearest restroom, you reach out in search for toilet paper only to realize there isn’t any! 


Be prepared next time with handy tissue packs from Tempo, currently available on thMart

Here are some Tempo products currently available on thMart...


Tempo Tissue Set (36 Packs)


This premium tissue is soft, strong and 100 percent virgin wood pulp. With a shelf life of three years, buying this product in bulk would be a smart choice—you’d practically never run out! Each package comes with 36 packs of portable tissues, allowing you to bring them with you wherever you go.

Tempo Chamomile Wet Wipes (6 Packs)


Made with non-irritating, biodegradable material, this high-quality moist toilet paper will save you in your most inconvenient moments and leave you with a fresh, pampered feeling!

Tempo Natural Scent Softpack (18 Packs) 


Need something that carries a natural scent? Try Tempo’s Natural Scent Soft Pack! This set comes with 18 boxes each containing 100 tissues.

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