Feed Your Baby Safely with This Must-Try Silicone Bottle

When you've got a newborn, finding the right bottle for feeding time is absolutely essential. Mother-K offers a range of silicone bottles for nourishing your infant, and they're available for shipping all over China right now via thMart.

Not only is this hygienic product BPA-free, the Mother-K Silicone Feeding Bottle also prevents dust from latching onto the bottle with its 100 percent silicone material. An additional feature is the Anti-Colic Valve System that works to prevent diarrhea by preventing a vacuum in the nipple, forming nipple adsorption. Cleaning each bottle is also incredibly easy, with a design that allows sterilization and disinfection through microwave ovens, dishwashers, steaming or boiling.

This bottle is also incredibly efficient! You won’t have any difficulties measuring the baby formula, as the bottle has clearly defined tick marks rather than ink that could potentially fade. And instead of adhesives that wear away over time, Mother-K uses medical-grade PSU materials that are much more durable.


Designed with the health of your baby in mind, the Mother-K Silicone Feeding Bottle is an overall safe and more secure option for feeding your infant compared to other silicone baby bottle brands. By design it’s preventative of diarrhea, easy-to-clean and completely rid of adhesives, making this a must-have item for all new parents. 

Order right now to enjoy a 25 percent discount on these Mother-K bottles.

About K-Mom/Mother-K

K-Mom (otherwise known as Mother-K) serves to provide high-quality essential goods for babies. The beloved and trusted brand was created for mothers who worry about the safety of childcare products. With K-Mom/Mother-K, mothers can rest assured that they are using natural and hygienic products when it comes to taking care of their kids. Made in Korea, their products are both high-quality and affordable for parents.

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