Add a Hint of Elegance To Your Home This Summer With These Vases

Looking for an affordable way to add a hint of elegance to your home for the summer season? There is no better way than to add a simple vase to your home décor. Show off a bouquet of colorful summer flowers with these vases from Amor Flora currently available on thMart.


Empty Valley Vase


If you enjoy the simple eloquence of a geometric pattern, then this is the vase for you. The transparent polygons add a minimalist flair to whatever summer bouquet you have in mind.

Obsidian Vase


 With a combination of flared top and patterned sides, this vase offers any home a chic design for the summer season. It is guaranteed to be a stand out addition to your summer décor.

Magic Array Vase


There is no better way to enjoy your summer then by showcasing your seasonal flowers in this simple vase. The clean lines and scalloped top will showcase a refreshing side to your home décor, adding a hint of femininity to any room it’s located in.

Cherry Blossom Dance Vase


The pale pink petals of the summer cherry blossom don’t only bloom outside your house. The pink stained glass of this vase brings the beauty of the summer flower straight into your home while adding a subtle hint of color.

Victoria Vase


There is no better call back to the memories of summer then this pitcher-shaped vase. It is the perfect shape for larger bouquets.

About Amor flora

With Amor flora it’s easy to order radiant floral arrangements at any time of year. Amor flora offers flowers to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking to shower your loved one with red roses or simply add a burst of color to your home or office, Amor flora has it all. 

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