These Naturally Scented Candles Will Keep Your Home Fragrant

Looking for a way to add nice fragrances to your home? Lings Candles are made with natural essential oils, creating scents that will make you and your guests feel relaxed. Each of their candles are presented in neatly designed glass jars, making them the perfect decoration for your house. And they're available on thMart right now.

Here's a selection of products from Lings Candles that you can buy right now on thMart...

'Angels Love Sleep' Candle


The 'Angels Love Sleep' candle has a pleasant lavender fragrance. Made with essential oils and soy wax, this candle can burn for up to 40 hours, making it the ideal scent for relaxing and reading.



'Morning in the Countryside' Candle


Escape the city without ever leaving home! The 'Morning in the Countryside' candle will fill up your home with aromas of wood and lemon and is made with essential oils imported from India. Add this candle to your living room for a perfect staycation right here in the city.



'Hello, You' Candle


Get ready to pamper yourself with the 'Hello, You' candle! Combining ingredients such as imported essential oils, blood oranges, pink grapefruits and mint, this candle will create the perfect scent for a special evening at home.



About Lings Candles

Lings is a Chinese company that believes in natural essential oils. They use only the purest resources to produce candles that create authentic aromas for people to enjoy. Every ingredient in their candles is carefully selected for its origin, variety and aroma, and their quality-certified products are developed by professional perfumers.  

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