Hey Moms, Organize Your Toddler's Treats with These Ziplock Bags

When you've got a little one at home, keeping track of all those essential baby items can sometimes be a nightmare! Luckily, K-Mom has you covered with a wide range of stylish, safe and eco-friendly ziplock bags to help you stay organized — and they're available for sale right now on thMart. Better yet, they can be shipped all over China.

Here's a selection of K-Mom products you can buy right now on thMart...

K-Mom Powdered Milk Storage Bags



These new powdered milk storage bags are here to make your life easier! With a shape that makes it easy to fit in your purse, these bags are a covenient, slim and stylish way to carry powdered milk with you wherever you go.


Each bag is also designed with a convenient feeder. The bags are disposable and come in boxes with either 30, 60 or 90 pieces.


K-Mom Baby Zipperbags (Large Size)

RMB35-99 | (Was RMB40-125, now 13-21% off)

K-Mom Baby Zipperbags are made are a safe solution to keeping your child's products clean. These bags are made with antibacterial material to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure. 


The bag is built with a wide bottom, making it more convenient for protecting things like bottles and tablewear. The stout lining on the bag keeps it durable and makes it hard to tear.



K-Mom Baby Zipperbags (Light)


Keep your baby’s items safe with this new eco-friendly product, which is perfect for any busy mother! These zipperbags use FDA-approved materials that add antibiosis material to protect your baby’s items. They're quick and easy to use and come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. 

The medium-sized bags can be used to store items such as diapers, sheets and clothing. The smaller sized bags are suitable for tiny items like snacks, spoons and pacifiers, and the larger bags work perfectly for blankets and babies’ luggage.



About K-Mom

K-Mom/Mother-K serves to provide high-quality essential goods for babies. The beloved and trusted brand was created for mothers who worry about the safety of childcare products. With K-Mom/Mother-K, mothers can rest assured that they are using natural and hygienic products when it comes to taking care of their kids. Made in Korea, their products are both high-quality and affordable for parents.

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