Baby-Proof Your Home with These Safe Cleaning Products

Looking for home cleaning products that are safe for the little ones? thMart has you covered with a range of hygienic items from K-Mom available for purchase right now.


Stain removers, feeding bottle cleansers and detergents; they've got whatever you need to keep your house tidy and baby-proof. Even better, this trusted brand offers shipping all across mainland China. 

Here's a selection of K-Mom products you can buy right now on thMart. Order right now to get free shipping and two bottles with every order.


K-Mom Zero Dust Stain Remover


Get rid of any dust or bacteria in your house with the K-Mom Zero Dust Baby Stain Remover. Excellent dust and stain removal guaranteed. Use it for general dust removal, minimum fiber impact and plants.


K-Mom Zero Dust Feeding Bottle Cleanser


Use the K-MOM Zero Dust Feeding Bottle Cleanser to safely clean your child’s bottle, brushes, bowls or even fruit and vegetables. This product is sanitary even without hot water and assures food additives in cleansing. It also contains natural foam plant extractions that frequently can be used while washing hands.


K-Mom Zero Dust Multipurpose Detergent


This temperate but powerful multipurpose detergent can be used by moms everywhere to ensure a clean house. K-Mom's Zero Dust Bath Tub & Multipurpose Detergent ensures quality with this non-toxic and mild-fragrance product. It can be used for cleaning bathrooms, tubs, ovens and stoves and is guaranteed to be baby-proof and safe.


K-Mom Zero Dust Baby Fabric Softener


K-Mom's Zero Dust Baby Fabric Softener contains a non-allergy fragrance and glycerinum to ensure the best results. It can be used for any clothing items you might have, including cotton and wool.


About K-Mom

K-Mom/Mother-K serves to provide high-quality essential goods for babies. The beloved and trusted brand was created for mothers who worry about the safety of childcare products. With K-Mom/Mother-K, mothers can rest assured that they are using natural and hygienic products when it comes to taking care of their kids. Made in Korea, their products are both high-quality and affordable for parents.


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