Improve Your Drinking Water

Looking to optimize the quality of your water? Look no further than BRITA. With effective results and superior design, BRITA water filters are the prime choice when it comes to pure, fresh water. From filter cartridges to boiling systems, BRITA has a range of products to fit all of your water-filtration needs. Did we mention they're also on sale for up to 33 percent off over at thMart right now?


BRITA Marella 3.5

RMB199 | (was RMB299, now 33% off)

Quality and design are key with this BRITA filter. With a first-class MAXTRA filter cartridge that effectively reduces levels of limescale and harmful particles, the BRITA Marella filter provides the purest water for up to four weeks. No need to worry about keeping track of your filter – the BRITA Memo will alert you to change it every four weeks.



BRITA MAXTRA Filter Cartridge

RMB239 | (was RMB299, now 20% off)

This top-level MAXTRA filter cartridge works to reduce levels of limescale and negative particles to provide the purest water for up to four weeks. With a finer mesh grid design and the use of IEX and micro carbon pearls, the cartridge system is the most efficient way to filter particles, no matter how coarse or fine. For great-tasting results, there’s no better choice than the BRITA MAXTRA filter cartridge.

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